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STOP PAYING INSANELY HIGH PRICES!! Take your Galaxy device over to Boost Mobile with Galaxy to Boost! The fastest and EASIEST guide you'll find! Enjoy your Galaxy with a plan that has unlimited talk, text and data for only $50 a month (eventually being $35 after shrinkage) and NO contract! Let Galaxy to Boost show you how to fully flash any Samsung Galaxy device without confusion or headaches.

But, Isn't Boost Mobile worse service than your current carrier? Certainly not! Boost Mobile is owned by Sprint and uses the exact same network that Sprint does! You will get the same great reception with full 3G data speeds! The Galaxy to Boost guide can also be used with just about any CDMA Android Phone or Tablet.

Other similar guides that you might find leave out a lot of the small (and crucial) steps and also do not provide the software and tools required, leaving you even more lost and confused. Or, they want you to send in your phone to do something that you could easily do yourself, for half the cost! Why spend money on written guides when you can get the COMPLETE, FULLY DETAILED Galaxy to Boost video guide in HD quality and have your phone finished in under an hour?

The Galaxy to Boost guide will literally hand walk you through the process, with no confusion, just simple, step-by-step video tutorials PLUS a full guide on how to root (unlock) your phone! And if you happen to run into any issues, we are here to help with our 24/7 email support! If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our guide, we offer a FULL 60-day Money-Back Guarantee!! So, stop reading through forums, wasting your money and time and start enjoying your Galaxy device on Boost Mobile NOW with Galaxy to Boost !

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galaxy to boost

CDMA phones are pretty much any phone used on the Verizon and Sprint networks, where as the other type, GSM, is used primarily with T-Mobile and AT&T. GSM phones use SIM cards where as CDMA phones don’t use SIM cards at all. Our service is not compatible with GSM type phones.